Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pidgin through proxy in Linux

If you are looking for instructions for Windows, go here.

First of all, this also works if you are using Gaim.

Have you ever been to a place(school, work etc.) where you were unable to use your IM software because of some administrator that blocked it. Well, I have, and I have also found a way around it. I am using Pidgin as my IM program, which supports many different IM protocols.

Here is how you do it:

  • First you need to download Tor from the terminal:
    For Ubuntu:
    # sudo apt-get install tor
    Visit tor's website to get packages for your ditribution. Although, you should have tor in your package system.

  • Now you just need to configure pidgin to connect through Tor:

  • Whenever you create a new account in pidgin, go to the "Advanced" tab.

  • Under "Proxy Options" and "Proxy type", you choose "SOCKS 5".

  • In the "Host" field type in "", and set the "Port" to "9050".

This should work with most of the IM protocols, although I haven't tested all of them. The login time will probably also be a while longer than normal, but just be patient


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I love tunnelling.

"In a world without walls and fences, who needs windows and gates!"

IT and Ecology said...

how this work if the proxy setting as

port 8080
user username
password passwd